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No hype just my personal opinion

Ok, let’s quit the hype for a minute.

Yes I’m a marketer and I promote products and
programs to you and all other people on my list.
But today I just want to share my opinion with
you. No hype.

I recently joined Now Lifestyle. Joel Therien’s
new baby. I’m sure you noticed my emails about
it in the past week…

To be honest I was actively ignoring it for a
while, until one day I was talking to Richard
Weberg, my business partner and co-owner of Your
Eight Steps.

I looked at the compensation plan and other
aspects again and thought it over. Then talked to
my good friend Petra Tenwalde and we decided to
team up, join and go all in.

Why? No… not because we looked at the
compensation plan and thought we were going to get
rich fast LOL.

A few reasons really…

One of them being PayPal and other payment
processors. When PayPal started limiting and
shutting down accounts last year, sites
disappeared, some owners stopped paying
commissions and a lot of sites switched to Payza
and SolidTrust Pay.

Now that wouldn’t be so bad if everyone could use
Payza and SolidTrust Pay, but unfortunately that
is not the case. Many people can not use STP and a
lot of people are having trouble getting their
Payza account funded. Besides that, Payza is
taking weeks to approve sites and credit card and

So what’s the solution? Only promote sites that
still have PayPal? NO! It’s likely just a matter
of time before they get shut down too:(

I will continue to promote the sites I like and
believe in, whether they use credit cards, PayPal
or whatever processor, but I think we all need a
program(s) or companies that are not dependent of
payment processors like PayPal or Payza.

OK, so why did we join Now Lifestyle?

1. Now Lifestyle accepts credit cards and pays out
through Payoneer. You can get a Payoneer debit
card or send the money directly to your bank
account. It is not dependent of payment processors
like PayPal.

2. There will be digital products as well as
physical products. This is something you can build
offline and online. So it will work for us online
marketers as well as “old school marketers”.

3. The health and wellness industry is absolutely
huge, both online and offline.

4. This is not just someone throwing a website and
a product online. This is an established company,
that will not be disappearing anytime soon. Joel
Therien has over 30 years of experience in the
health and fitness industry as well as over 18
years of experience as a company owner.

5. It has an amazing compensation plan that truly
rewards the people that work the hardest.

If you are interested in joining us, you can do so

If you would like a pdf with the complete
compensation plan explained, you can download it

If you are not interested in joining, for whatever
reason. Maybe you do not like Joel? Maybe you do
not like me? That’s fine. But, please, please,
please do yourself a favor and find a company you
like, a company you believe in. A company that is
truly run like a company and that is not dependent
of payment processors like PayPal.

To YOUR Success,

Brenda de Reus and Petra Tenwalde

P.S. If you have any questions you can contact us


Skype: cash2day78

FaceBook: brenda.dereus


Brenda is a guest blogger here at the get real zone.  She is well know for helping people and telling it like it is.  If you would like more information feel free to contact her.

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