February 25, 2019 Leaderboard

             Affiliates/Preferred Customers

The + and number is how many added since last leaderboard update
Executive    Director    Builder  Unranked
P Clive Robinson 39 +10` 1 4 34
Ariel Harris 29 +7 7 2 5 15
Andi Anderson 23 +13 1 8 14
Betty-Jo Jackson 14 +4 1 3 10
Dianne Keast 5 +5 1 4
Josephowich Wise 3 3
Cheryl Tipton 3 +3 3
Linda Mo 3 +3 1 2
Debbie Rose 2 +2 1 1
Robert and Amanda 2 2
Wayne Towns 4 +3 1 1 1
Linda Towns 1 +1 1
Loney Sharon Burns 1
If you ask the ones on the top what they did, and they will say, “Send out the messages they work.”
This is the updated standings as of today January 21, 2019. In 37 days there have been 110+ new affiliates, and preferred customers added. Many of you are still in your first 30 days, and no one has completed a full calendar month yet. Where you were in the company at the beginning of the month and were still there at the end of the month. None of us have done that yet. January will be my first full calendar month. WOW!!!!!!!!
Think about what it will be 6 months from now.
We are just getting started. Think of where you will be in a month. Dream but Dream big
One of the keys follows the system that is in the files here in this group.
The key between the top of the board and the bottom of the board is the ones on top have been consistent and are using the system. Many of you are brand new but you keep doing each day what you need to do, and things will change.
If you have any questions, ask your upline or ask me.
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