Getting Customers
This was written by Aron Parker Getting CUSTOMERS is very important for our business! You have 3 different pages that[...]
Graphics You Can Use
Here are graphics that Aron has made available for us to use.
Rules of the group
Must Read RULES of the group and agree in comments to stay in the group Please read and AGREE to[...]
How To Setup Autoship
In the back office setup your auto ship. You need 90 BV each month to maintain your rank and to[...]
I Am Now An Affiliate Now What?
WELCOME to our Get Real Zone Team and My Daily Choice After you have gone through all the steps comment[...]
New Years Message
Thank you and Happy New Years to you and yours. I have a huge announcement about what is going on[...]
Post To Use On Your Newsfeed
Remember not to post links on what you post. Posts with a graphic get notice better than ones without one.[...]
My Daily Choice form (Excel File)
My Daily Choice form, Updated 1.3.19 4:00 PM  
I Have A Pre-enrollee What Now?
Someone Pre-enrolled Now What. If they have not joined after 24 to 28 hours, send this message. Step 1:[...]
What’s Next By Robert Hollis
What’s NEXT! Robert Hollis·Monday, April 2, 2018, Hello and Welcome to My Daily Choice! We are excited to have you[...]
What To Say In Messages
This initial contact you can send to friends on social media. How many do you send out? That is up[...]
My Daily Choice form ( .xls Version)
Since some people may have an older version of Excel, I am posting a .xls of the spreadsheet I created.[...]
Meeting Schedule
GET REAL ZONE TEAM 9 AM WEEKDAYS except for Fridays ZOOM LINK 10 AM FRIDAYS Weekly Hangout MDC[...]
Run To 5K
Instead of a 5K run, this is going to be a run to 5K It is Decision time. Do you[...]
Short Response for Sample Packs
These are some sample conversations you can have in person on social media. They come from conversations I have had[...]
Ebook Traffic from Facebook Final
It is getting Traffic From Facebook. This is something I wrote for bloggers, and it talks about getting traffic to[...]
I Have A Pre-Enrolle Now What
Remember If they contact you, then your response after the first two messages can change. This is meant to get[...]
How to Schedule a Facebook post
How to schedule a FB post using a business page.    
February 25, 2019 Leaderboard
Affiliates/Preferred Customers The + and number is how many added since last leaderboard update Executive Director Builder Unranked P Clive[...]
Links I Use Robert Hollis on Free Samples and focusing. Great video. To send to pre-enrollees. How to handle[...]
Declan Mc Instagram Marketing Made Easy
Here is some training on Instagram. Do not pass this around as it was part of a paid course  
MDC Disclaimers
MDC HempWorx Disclaimers  
Attraction Marketing System
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