Getting Customers

This was written by Aron Parker

Getting CUSTOMERS is very important for our business! You have 3 different pages that you can use to refer to customers…

  • We get paid the SAME when referring Customers as we do Affiliates! It’s all VOLUME that we get paid on and also helps us get promoted!!
  • Customers have the ability to REFER 3 other customers to get FREE product! In their back office, they have their own referral link. The customers they refer… We get paid on that volume too!!
  • They have the ability to UPGRADE to become an Affiliate at any time in their back-office.
  • Customers DO get a position in the binary as well! And their team will continue to grow under them; they just can not get paid on anyone in their team until they upgrade to become an affiliate.


  1. Talk to everyone you know! Seriously… these products ROCKS! Why wouldn’t you want to share them with the people you love? Cathy got her parents as customers, and they LOVE the Hemp Oil! I got my mom and dad as customers too! You are NOT selling anything, just ask them to try them out. Simply send them to your website to watch the product videos, and they can join.
  2. Post on Facebook…POSTS From The Team To Give You Ideas For Getting Customers:
3. Testimonials – Share STORIES!Pain and NauseaNo More PainBetter Sleep– Relief Cream –
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