I Am Now An Affiliate Now What?

WELCOME to our Get Real Zone Team and My Daily Choice
After you have gone through all the steps comment Done in the comments.
Go into your back office and start watching the training videos. Take them at your own pace but watch them. This is your business, and you want to learn as much about it as you can.
Your LINKS To Promote MDC! * Do NOT post your links all over Facebook… See the training on posting on Facebook (it will be posted tomorrow)
Send ONE of these capture pages to someone interested…
This is a POWERFUL webinar that will help you get new signups! Make sure your contacts watch the entire webinar before you answer any questions.
In your back office click “My Websites” for more of your links.
[Locate Your Affiliate Websites]
Now that you have your Websites move on to Step 3.
Opt into your capture page. That way you know exactly what your Pre-Enrollees are going to see.
Use any email just remember what it is. Then go to the mydailychoice.com and click on Sign In and then click on Pre-enrollee. Watch all the videos click everything there is to click, so you know what they are seeing.
[Pre-Enrollee Sign In]
Start finding interested people.
Using the prewritten messages found under the files start sending them out to friends on Social Media.
Your friends on Facebook, Pinterest, Webtalk and other social media sites. Start sending them the messages that are in the Files here on the group. Do not prejudge if they will be interested or not.
Do not just post your link on Facebook. It does not work. Always find out if they are interested before sending the link. The messages you send out does that. The messages in the file you can send to anyone even close friends in emails.
You want at least 1 to 2 pre-enrollees a day. To do that you normally have to send out 10 to 20 messages a day. If you have 500 friends on all your social media accounts then it will take you 50 days to work through them and by then you can be well on your way to making the money you want.
If you do not have friends on Social Media to send them to watch for training on how to find interested people.
The temptation is to send out 500 messages at once. One Facebook will block your account. The other is that you will be so buys from answering people who respond you won’t have time for anything else. Set a doable pace and stick to it. Do not look at the results each day it does work. As long as you are using the proven scripts/prewritten messages and not tweak them or adding your style to them it works.
IT IS NOT FINISHED I Am Still Working On The Rest.
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