I Have A Pre-enrollee What Now?

Someone Pre-enrolled Now What.
If they have not joined after 24 to 28 hours, send this message.
Example of a Message:
Congratulations ______
I see that you signed to get access to the information about My Daily Choice.
That is a very smart decision.
Here is a link to more information to help you see what this is all about. http://www.powerteamhangout.com/?id=YourUSERNAME
If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with me.
Talk Soon
Your Name
You do not see them joining wait at least 24 hours and send them this link.
Example of Message
Hello ______
Here is the next step. Watch this video. It is by Robert our upline here at MY Daily Choice. He makes 2 million + each year, so he knows what he is talking about. He is the one who set up our duplicatable system that makes it simple to grow our business.
Watch this video and if you have any questions get back with me.
Talk Soon
Your Name
If they still have not joined 24 hours after the last one., go to step 3
Hello _______________
I wanted to send you this to keep you from getting mad at me. If I did not point out what you were going to lose and you found out later, I knew what you would lose, and I did not tell you then you would be mad at me. To keep that from happening watch this video as it will show you what you have already that you are going to miss out on.
Talk Soon
Your Name.
NEVER send the β€œThe Power Team” links to people unless they have requested it. We have to protect these links and make sure they don’t get marked as spam on Facebook. Posting the links on Facebook hoping someone sees it and joins do not work.
Step 4: If they have questions about the products or Compensation Plan, just have them log in to their back office here… www.mydailychoice.co/login (they just log in with their email address) to watch the product and comp plan videos…
These videos are by people who know more about it than we do and can explain it better.
After they’ve watched ALL of the videos in the above steps, if they still have questions, get them on the phone with your sponsor or someone in your upline to do a three-way call! Only do that AFTER they watched the videos. Otherwise, you will be making a call to answer questions that are in the video. I’m here to help you but only if they have watched all the videos first.
Onward and Upwards Djeuton
Here is a message to send them on Thursday
Hey Mike!!! This is URGENT…
OMG… have you seen how many people are in your team?
You are about to lose them all!
Go login now and see for yourself… https://mydailychoice.com/login πŸ‘€
Click on Pre-Enrollee and put in your email. Then click on genealogy at the top to view your team.
These are actual people in your team right now!
Their volume will help you earn commissions faster!
Watch the video on this page to learn more about how to get started…
This video is VIP to make sure you maximize your commissions!
Hit me back ASAP with any questions you have.
TEXT Messages you can send to your Pre-Enrollees:
“Hey, John! Lock in your spot now, so you don’t lose the people I have placed in your team! Learn How Here: http://powerteamhangout.com/urgent – Can you watch this now?
. .
Have you seen the people in your team? See for yourself and upgrade before you lose them all…https://mydailychoice.com/login – click Pre-Enrollee – enter your e-mail – click to JOIN. Hurry… Time is running out!
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