Rules of the group

Must Read RULES of the group and agree in comments to stay in the group
Please read and AGREE to these rules…
Make sure your NEW members do as well, or they will be removed from the group.
We do not have time to give warnings. Break the rules and you are removed. No Warnings
These are basic play nice with no negativity.
Unlike most groups that have spam being posted in them, we are a team. Not here to sell things to each other but to help each other. We are working toward all of our successes.
  1. You must add your affiliates to the group. DO NOT ADD anyone until you check in your back office and see they have joined or receive an email saying they are an affiliate. NO PRE ENROLLEES. If you add someone by mistake, then let me or one of the moderators know and we will remove them.
  2. If you add someone the second time that is not a paid affiliate you will be removed from the group.
  3. No post with any links or to any other businesses this includes an affiliate link. Even if you add the words before the post, “I hope you don’t mind if I add this,” it will still get you removed if you are not sure check first to keep from getting removed from the group.
  4. Do not contact other Team members privately to get them into another program. That means do not Private Message them or any other means to get them in another program. We always find out one way or another. You do, and you are removed.
  5. This is a safe haven from the Negativity out in the world. If you are in here just to post something negative don’t. A question, concern or problem can be addressed in a positive, constructive way.
  6. Do not private message the team leaders with a question until you have asked it in here and did not get an answer. You can post a question in this group and Tag us asking your question. That way others can see the answer and learn from it.
This is a growing group with leaders all over the world. This group is going to grow into the thousands so even though we are all friends here now and a small group this is being put in place now, so we do not have to change it later.
If anyone tries to sell you something that is in this group with you, please let us know. We will not tell them who mentioned it, but you have to know that someone in here is not going to be trying to get your affiliates away from her into another program.
You are the most important thing here, and it is important to help you and your affiliates in a positive space.
Onward and upward.
Please let us know that you have read, understand and agree to these rules by leaving a comment below.
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