Run To 5K

Instead of a 5K run, this is going to be a run to 5K
It is Decision time.
Do you want to do what it takes to make 5K in February?
If this is not for you right now, you have more to learn; you do not have the time, you are not comfortable enough yet with what we are doing THAT IS OKAY. This is not for everyone right now.
The ones who do not join the run to 5K will be to see all that is being done but the ones who commit are going to be held accountable for what they commit to doing. This will be an accountability group more than anything else.
Even if you do not make it to 5K, it will build you a strong foundation for your business and set the stage for it to continue to grow.
To take part in the 5K journey this month there are several qualifications.
You need to have an average of 2 hours a day for five days of the week available to work on your business. Does not mean you have to work 2 hours each day, but you must do at least 10 hours of focused time working on your business each week.
You need to have at least 30 minutes 5 days a week that you can use to post and answer messages.
You will watch 15 minutes of Robert Hollis or other motivational videos each morning before you start our day. They will be assigned the one to watch.
You must agree to read the two Robert Hollis books even if you have already read them. Not just read them but mark them up, write down quotes from them, etc.
“How is that Working” Free eBook if you do not have it contact me and I will get you a copy
“Shackled to Free” You have to buy this one or win it in the upcoming contest.
It is necessary to check into the Get Real Zone Team at least once a day and watch training and videos in there. Like and comment so we know you have been there.
It is necessary to go through the training Units at Vision Team even if you have been through them before.
You must use the Robert Hollis pre-written scripts for all your contacts when appropriate.
You must send out 20 contacts/messages a day five days a week. Not 100 one day and then nothing for the next four days but send out 20 messages a day five days out of the week.
You need to do all the homework assigned to you as soon as possible.
So focused works that are going to build you a solid foundation for your business and the potential at the end of the month to be at 5K.
I am excited for everyone and look forward to you being a 5K affiliate. You can do this, and Robert Hollis and I believe in you.
If you are committed to this, then leave a comment below. If you are not ready, that is fine, and you will still benefit from this effort.
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