Short Response for Sample Packs

These are some sample conversations you can have in person on social media. They come from conversations I have had and get a great response even in Facebook messenger.
They ask, “What do you do?” (Or some version of what do you do?)
“I give away free samples of CBD oil and get paid to give them away.”
“Have you ever tried CBD Oil?”
Them “No, I haven’t.”
“Would like to try it to see what it will do for you.”
If yes give them the URL. The best way is to ask for their email address and send the URL in an email, so they have a way to contact you.
Also later on when you check to see how they like the free sample having their email to contact them, it is easier to turn them into a pre-enrollee.
If they say, “Yes I have used CBD Oil.”
“How is it working for you.”
Most people will respond not that good or not any results from the oil.
Your response.
“Would you like a free sample of our CBD oil so you can test it and compare it to the CBD oil you have been using?”
Again right then on your phone or computer email them the link to the free sample.
If they ask, “Does it cost anything.”
“The sample is a week”s supply and worth $40. You do not have to pay for it all you pay is $11.95 shipping and handling.”
Remember that the sample is of excellent value. They are getting a week’s worth of CBD oil just for shipping. Take the price of a bottle which last a month including shipping and divide it by 4.33 (weeks in a month) and see what they would pay for a week’s worth of CBD. They are getting it for way less than what we would pay for it plus getting all the other samples.
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