What To Say In Messages

This initial contact you can send to friends on social media. How many do you send out? That is up to you, but I will be sending 25 a day until I have sent it to all my friends.
Chose one of the ones below to send
Hey (Their Name)!!! HOPE YOU’RE DOING AWESOME, and I know this is random, but I have something cool to share with you! I am reaching out because I’m launching a brand new team and we are creating tremendous momentum right now with our 90-day blitz! Are you open to taking a look at the marketing system that we are using which is helping us enroll people daily on autopilot?! Let me know if You’re open, because before I start this whole massive campaign, (I’m going to do advertising, Facebook ads drive traffic, etc…)I can get you a top spot on our team right now and then I will be building under You! Cool if you’re not interested just let me know…
By Robert Hollis (The One I Will Use) Works excellent as a text message also
Are you interested in any way, shape or form in doing something which will make you happier, feel better and have extra money?
You then add them to the spreadsheet you made to keep track of who you sent messages to with the date sent.
If they respond and say, they want more information you send them this message.
Second email
Hello (Name)
I have some really exciting news for you. I still can’t believe how lucky we are.
Robert Hollis who makes over a million dollars a year in network marketing that has agreed do free training to teach us how to change our lives.
All the training we need is here to help us earn the income we have been looking for while helping others feel better. No more joining a company and being left to figure it out yourself to figure things out.
I committed to this, and I am going to make this happen for me and help those who join our team do what they need to.
There are only two questions to ask yourself.
  1. Am I tired of being sick, tired and broke?
  2. Do I want to help people feel better while getting paid to do that?
If you are ready for a change in your life, want to help others and be part of a team that works together then go this website and fills out the form. http://www.7FigureBizOp.com/botipton
If they do not respond in 3 days, then you send this one out
3rd Letter
Have you had a chance to look at the videos yet?
This is Important: If you haven’t seen them, you need to as soon as we can. We are building a team, and those team members can be under you. That simple step of filling out the form to watch the videos holds a place on our team for you while you find out why I am so excited.
It does not cost you anything to watch the video to see what I am talking about. If you decide this is not for it has cost you nothing and the opportunity I am offering you is passed on to someone else.
If this is not for you, this is the last message you will get from me about joining my team if I do not see you pre-enroll. We are still friends, and I appreciate you looking at what I sent.
Your Slogan
Your Name
The 3rd letter I send to friends I have a close relationship with.
Hello _______ Have you looked at the videos on the link I sent you yet? It is important that you go ahead and watch them. All you do is enter your name and email. It does not cost you anything, but it holds you a place in my team until Thursday. Anything that my team does after you pre-enroll benefits you.
This gives you a free head start. If you decide this is not for you, it cost you nothing, and your place in line is passed on to someone else. Go click the link below and save your spot while you take the time to understand what a great opportunity this is.”
If this is not for you, we will still be friends, but you will not know if it is or not unless you watch the videos to find out more about it. This is the last time I will mention this to you because I am not going to try to talk you into it. It is for you or it is not
After 3 more days, if there is no response, you mark them no on the spreadsheet and do not email them again about it. Robert Hollis (makes 2.2 million a year doing this) says he does not follow up if they do not show interest.
We are not forcing ourselves on anyone and not posting our links all over the place. If you send out enough messages, you do not need to.
I get more affiliate signups by sending one of the two 3rd letters then I do from the 2nd letter. They are busy or whatever when you send the second letter but when the 3rd one goes out saying you are not going to talk to them about the opportunity again it gets there attention.
Onward and Upward
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